Playful Pals Penguin

Playful Pals Penguin is pretty darn cute even if I do say so myself lol.  I must admit I was a little unsure about getting the Playful Pals bundle but when I got a cute cow swap from my lovely friend Delys Cram that was the final straw lol, yip that’s right I added that bundle to the next order.  One of the great things about purchasing the bundle is you get to save 15% and that’s pretty cool.  Anyway enough rambling on from me, here is the cute little Penguin I made.
Playful Pals Penguin by Patrice
I love how this set has so many different stamps and dies, which means you have a lot of options.  You can make anything from pigs, bears, dogs, ducks, lions, frogs, angels etc the list goes on and on. Talking about frogs the penguin feet is the frogs leg die lol, pretty cool huh.  Pop a little triangle M&M bag inside and you have a perfect little gift.  You can purchase the little M&M’s in a bulk pack, perfect if you need to make up a few for a party.   I did not put adhesive on the back flap so that you can get the treats without wrecking the little penguin box, you can see how it is slightly open in this photo.
Playful Pals Penguin side view by Patrice
I recently had an Extravaganza at my house and I gave everyone who attended one as a little gift, everyone thought they were adorable, well that seemed to be the general response lol.  Here is part of the penguin march that was happening at my house lol.
Playful Pals Penguin march by Patrice

Playful Pals Penguin was created using the following Stampin’ Up! products

If you would like to order any of the Stampin” Up! products I have used on this card or have any questions, please contact Patrice. You can also place an order online or find out more about the product by clicking on the image that interests you below.


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